Songs that Remind me of Specific Memories

(Photo cred: Me, Boys Like Girls @ Playstation Theater, NYC 2016)

This post is exactly what it says in the title; nice and simple. Below are 6 songs that hold a great deal of meaning to me, be it places that I’ve travelled to or childhood memories, or ones that remind me of specific people in my life. I could have picked at least 20, but keeping up with my last post, I picked the first 5 that sprung into my head. If you want to hear what my 5 songs are, then keep on reading!



This upbeat song reminds me of my time working at an American summer camp. I worked out in Rock Hill, New York for the past 2 summers and honestly they were the best times of my life.  The obvious choice! This is one of those songs that always manages to put a smile on my face. I picture the sunshine, the warmth, the smiles on everyone’s faces and just having a general good time. The upbeat melody never fails to get me moving, and the catchy nature of it sticks in your head for weeks. This is a song that without a shadow of a doubt brings up my best memories of camp, and especially driving down the open road in my first summer of 2016. It’s the ultimate road trip song, at home or abroad, and will guarantee to make you break out singing and dancing. It brings me closer to all my friends across the world, and that knowing we all have a home at Iroquois Springs summer camp.



This is one of my all-time favourites songs from one of my all-time favourite bands. This song reminds me of New York again, but for different reasons. I saw Boys Like Girls for the third time in Times Square, NYC, in my first summer at camp. It had been about 6 years since I had last seen them, and my teenage me couldn’t handle the excitement! To top it all off, they played at the Playstation Theatre which is a historic venue! This song is about summer love and finding someone who really made your summer and how you will always remember them. Some of the lyrics in the chorus specifically talk about someone’s voice being ‘the soundtrack of my summer,’ and how no matter what you will always remember the summer you spent with them. As a band in general they have helped me a lot growing up with bullying and constant shaming, but it also reminds me of a time over my summer where love existed in places where I thought it couldn’t anymore. It helped me find happiness, even if it was not meant to last.



This song is more of a silly one, and a type of music that I’m not normally in to. This reminds of my first year studying at Sheffield Hallam University. Meeting your flat mates for the first time and living away from home is scary, but luckily I was blessed to have awesome flat mates. One of my flat mates was convinced that he knew all the lyrics to this song, and whenever it came on he would really try and sing it loud and proud. The rest of us thought it would be a great idea to learn the lyrics too, so we printed them out and pinned them onto our picture wall for us all to learn. Long story short, we never ended up learning any of the lyrics, but whenever I hear this song I think of me and my best friend trying to learn them for a laugh, and miserably failing to do so.



This one reminds me of a young naïve me. 15-16-year-old me made a lot of mistakes, and really put my trust and time into the wrong people. This song reminds me of heartbreak; of being cheated on by someone that I thought the world of. It reminds me of my ex best friend going behind my back liking this guy who completely broke my heart, yet she was the one holding me when I cried my heart out. I should never have let him hurt me and looking back I shouldn’t have been so harsh on her about what she did. It just reminds me that everyone is not as they appear to be. I gave this guy a second chance a year later, only to be screwed over with again.  I remember him even saying that this song really reminded him of our situation, and that it was one of the biggest mistakes he had made.  The worst part? To this day he has never admitted to cheating on me, and never apologised to my face but instead sent me a pathetic voice mail recording that was so rehearsed it was just…yawn.  It is a song that reminds me that some people just don’t deserve another minute of your time or any second chances, and to not make that mistake again. Apologies can be worthless, and somebody like that trying to come back into your life is a definite no-no.



I have always been a huge Paramore fan and will say that their music has taken a creative turn from their normal music. I have so much to say about this song, but I’ll try and keep it short and sweet. This song basically gives me hope; it gave me hope during last summer working at an American summer camp when I was losing hope in everything. I had personal relationship issues going on and was made to feel a lot of guilt, I was so miserable and no matter how many times I had tried talking about it, it ended up making things worse or nothing change. I felt worthless and like nothing; I was in a dark place in myself. I honestly cried every night wondering if things would ever get better. This song acted as a keepsake for me, as a reminder that I am STRONG no matter what. It reminds me that letting go of control is OK and it’s nothing to be scared of, and it’s ABSOLUTELY OK to have hope. Always have hope; that’s my motto here. Whenever anyone tells you to stop dreaming and believing, ignore them. This song honestly kept me going the entire summer and told me that tomorrow is a new day that brings new things, and that things will get better slowly. I owe a lot to Paramore for making this record and I’m going to link the live version because I believe that this version does the song a lot more justice than the recorded one.



Finally, more my kinda music! This song is an absolute classic amongst rockers and is an anthem wherever it comes onto a stereo. I have quite an early childhood memory associated with this song. Every year up to the age of 12, my family and I would drive to France and go on family holidays for a couple of weeks. We would drive to the South coast, get the ferry across to France and drive to our campsite. My brother regularly wanted to put his music on the CD player and when he had his best friend with him, there was no other option but to let him play his music. He was really into his rock music at this time and this was his go-to song. My dad was never too much of a fan of it because of the swearing in it, so as a way around it my brother always used to use the word ‘Donald’ instead of a swear word. I still laugh about it now, and whenever I listen to it I always remember my brother shouting ‘DONALD!’ in the back of our car.


So there you have it! Just a few songs that remind me of places I’ve travelled to or of specific memories in my life. Everyone has their own songs to remind them of things; this is what is so great about music! What are your songs? I would love to hear what songs you have that remind you of great memories!


Stay beautiful,



5 Things that I’ve Learnt from Working at a Summer Camp

I’ve honestly had the most amazing summer working at Camp Iroquois Springs.  I was a camp counselor specialising in Horse Back Riding and I got placed by the amazing USA Summer Camp!  If you’re interested in starting your American adventure, I honestly would recommend going through these guys.  The staff are so helpful every step of the way, and they are just as happy as you are when you get placed at your dream camp! (For more info, visit

Camp was such a life changing experience and one that I will never forget.  I’ve met friends for life, with whom I share the most amazing memories with which I could talk endlessly about.  But for now, I’m going to share with you the 5 main and most important things I learnt whilst working at a camp, which I hope are useful to you!

  1. BELIEVING IN YOURSELF – Prior to camp, I tended to struggle in believing in myself and believing in my abilities. But when you are put in a situation where you are in a new country, completely out of your comfort zone with a brand new set of people, you’ve got to have some confidence to get by every day.  During orientation, it’s key to set yourself goals for the summer and what you want to achieve, because once the children arrive it’s game on.  I didn’t honestly think my children would love me, or I thought I would terrible at my job, but you get so much confidence, honesty and motivation from your co-counsellors and general leaders that you start to think ‘you know what, I can do this.’  After my first evaluation with my GL, I never really doubted myself again all summer.  I believed that I was doing a great job, and I believed that I was doing the best for my kids and that they appreciated everything I did for them.  I came away a different person, knowing that I had done the best job that I could have done and others believed that too.


  1. WHAT EVEN IS SLEEP?! – Going about day to day activities on 2-3 hours’ sleep is honestly easy as pie after working at a summer camp. I had the Upper Senior Girls, so aged around 13-14, so they were relatively easy to get to sleep.  But it was always the case of once you got off OD or from a night off and you got into your bed, you were wide awake and couldn’t sleep.  Waking up at 7am every day too becomes second nature; a ‘lie-in’ is now a thing of the past!  Long day and a lack of sleep become so normal; you do forget what it’s like to not feel tired! But if you keep pushing through it, it’s honestly so worth it.  Don’t give up!



  1. GETTING READY IN 15 MINUTES IS A PIECE OF CAKE – As I stated earlier, the girls I had were aged 13-14 and in my bunk there were 18 girls and 4 counsellors including myself… so you can imagine what shower hour was like! It was honestly like being in the army; so regimented and the girls were timed in their showers.  Most of the time, us counsellors were left with 10 minutes to shower and then get ready.  Most evenings this was fine, but when it got to banquet nights it was a nightmare and such a rush.  The positive though, is that we still managed to make ourselves look #onfleek in 10 minutes!  It is honestly a skill you will acquire, and you will only see it as a skill when you return home and you manage to get yourself ready for a dressed up occasion in 15-20 minutes, when previously it would have taken you hours.


  1. THE FRIENDS YOU MAKE ARE FRIENDS FOR LIFE – It’s such a cliché but it’s honestly so true. You live together at camp in such a close proximity, and you learn about each other’s lives so quickly it makes you feel like you’ve known them forever.   When you come back from a day off, your friends feel like you’ve been gone for weeks and they want updates on everything that happened that day.  Nights off with your best friends are also made for campfires and songs and long walks by the lakes.  It’s such a reality check when you fly back home to find your camp best friends not there by your side anymore.  It’s taken me so long to adapt to that; I miss them being around all the time! From going to camp, I’ve made such good friends from all over the world who I regularly talk via social media.  I’ve even already booked to go and see some of them abroad!  So in your camp experience you will make friends from everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  From the United States, to New Zealand, to France and even to South Africa; camp seriously has an amazing mix of cultures!


  1. LIFE DOESN’T ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SERIOUS – This is the main thing that I learnt from camp, which is why I’ve saved the best till last. At camp, you get to act like a child every day.    Yes you have to act like a teacher to the campers, but they want to be your friend too.  But you don’t want to be too strict with them.  There will be activities where you have to be out of your comfort zone and be silly for your kids; so step up and do it!  I did and I would have regretted it if I hadn’t of done it.  In your first year, it’s hard I’m not going to lie, because honestly, you have no idea what you’re doing and how to impress your kids.  But it’s really simple.  The kids love it when you act on their level too; it shows them that you can be relatable, so acting all silly when they do and sitting with them, laughing with them about their boy talk or just general girl chit-chat goes a long way.  Life is too short to always be serious, and before camp I was such a serious person.  Camp has changed me for the better as a result, as now I have way more fun than I did before camp!


So these are just my personal 5 reasons as to what I learnt from camp.  There were so many more that I could have listed and I could honestly go on forever about camp.  Your experience will be different than mine, just as mine has been different from somebody else’s.  That doesn’t mean you will learn these things too.  If you’re anxious about embarking on this adventure, take the leap and do it.  It will be one of the best decisions that you will ever make, and I guarantee that you’ll have the best summer of your life.

Happy traveling!

Stay beautiful,