Milani ‘Keep it Sweet’ Lip Scrub


Hello everyone! I’m so sorry for the long gap in between posts – I’m clearly not sticking to my New Year’s Resolution of posting at least twice a month. Hopefully that’ll change! I’m in the process of buying new products for inspiration and also am looking at doing more personal posts, so watch this space.

But for now, let’s get down to business! I recently have been in desperate need of a lip scrub and having not owned one before, it was daunting choosing one. The obvious choice would have been Jeffree’s Star Velour Lip Scrubs from his various collections, but none of the flavours jumped out at me. I found the Milani ‘Keep It Sweet’ Sugar Lip Scrub on Beauty Bay and the positive reviews twisted my arm and convinced me to buy it. If you want to see how I found it, then keep on reading!



The packaging of this product is nice and simple, which personally I quite like.  Its gold lid is nice and sturdy, and the container is glass so you know it’s strong too. Like many lip scrubs it has a screw top cap which then leads you straight into the product. It perhaps could have had a cover on the inside to protect the product more, but either way it arrived in perfect condition when I received it. It isn’t too heavy and is a good size to pop in your hand or clutch bag and have it with you throughout the day!



So now the main part of the blog as always, does it work?! I must admit I have seen a noticeable difference in the smoothness/texture of my lips since I started using this product a couple of weeks ago.  The consistency is literally that of an exfoliator, which is nice and gritty to ensure a deep cleanse. Honestly my lips before using this were so dry and used to regularly get chapped, especially with this cold weather, but this product has honestly helped the texture of my lips and reduced the risk of them being chapped.  I use it around 3-4 times a week, mainly at night before I go to sleep, but I also have used it before applying liquid lipsticks. I’ve found that these kinds of lipsticks stay on my lips better after using a product like this and are actually a lot less drying, which is a common plus of using a lip scrub. In the long run, my lips have felt so much smoother and less dry, and at times they’ve even appeared plumper when looking in the mirror.  That is a huge plus for me (as I have quite small lips) so I’m definitely not mad at a little lip plump!  In a couple more weeks I will have been using it for over a month and I can’t wait to see more improvements!


I believe that this product’s price point is absolutely spare.  It’s priced at £10.00 and you get 12g of product. In comparison, the Jeffree Star Lip Scrubs are £12.00 and you get 30g.  So although it might be worth spending a couple of extra pennies and get a well-known make, this lip scrub works just as well.  It has a sugary taste which is nice and sweet; you don’t have to deal with really tangy/sour flavours or spending the money on a specific taste and finding that the product doesn’t taste like that.  The other thing is, is that it lasts so long! I have been using mine about 3-4 times a week and I have barely taken off the first layer of scrub! So in this case it is great value for money, and it is a nice, yummy flavour to exfoliate your lips with!

So all in all, the Milani ‘Keep it Sweet’ Sugar Lip Scrub is approved! Although you might not get a lot of product for the price, it is about the quality of it.  Lip scrubs have to be an essential in everyone’s kit and this for sure is one for the collection. I bought mine from Beauty Bay ( and they always seem to be in stock – so it is really easy to buy!

I need some inspiration for my next few blogs, so if there are any items that people recommend/want to see a review of, then leave some recommendations in the comments below and I’ll be happy to try them out!

Stay beautiful,




NYX Lipstick Haul Review

GUESS WHO’S BACK?!  So sorry for the long delay in getting posts out on here, with getting houses/being in America for months the time has just flown by.  But have no fear, we are back!  We decided on doing a joint blog post reviewing a brand that is very popular to us and we really promote this brand, and that is NYX.  It’s super affordable and is such high quality makeup and it really bridges the gap between drugstore and high end makeup.  They have a notably large lip range, so we thought why not dive right in and review/rate their products!  So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Cosmic Metals Lip Cream – £7.00 (


cosmic swatches

Left to Right: ‘Speed of Light’, ‘Galactic’

So this range is a little different because of the colours/style of the lipsticks.  I am in love with the space and star theme (as many of you know I looooove stars), so this range instantly ticks the box for me!  I love the names and choice of colours; it ranges from vivid pinks, to grey, to different shades of blue and green.   Although not every day colours and they can be intimidating, the range is super fun and different and would really show a different side to anyone!

Application wise it goes on super nice and easy due to its creamy consistency.  It, at first, appears to stay on so well too despite how bold the colours are!  Tina commented on how precise you can be with it during application to create that bold lip look.  In particular, Speed of Light is a favourite of ours due to its rose gold appearance and although bold, it’s still quite a neutral colour!

But, there are unfortunately disadvantages with this range.  The main problem is, as is the usual problem with bold colours, the constant top up situation #firstworldproblems.  It can go everywhere too if you do not have a steady hand and can easily go out of line.  I had an issue with Galactic as there is no lip liner in the range to match it – I searched everywhere for a grey lip liner and ended up buying grey eyeliner.  It works OK but it isn’t the greatest in maintaining that nice lip shape that I aim to create.


TINA: 8/10



Soft Matte Lip Cream – £6.00 (


soft matte

Left to Right: ‘Milan’, ‘Prague’, ‘Monte Carlo’, ‘Seoul’, ‘Transylvania’

This range is a bit of a hit/miss in our opinion.  So I (Shannon) got the miniature versions of these lippies in an advent calendar last Christmas (which btw, was insane value for money!) which included the Soft Matte Lip Creams as well as individual eyeshadows.  Their size is super handy as they are small enough to fit into any size bag/purse and are also great for taking on a short weekend away on holiday!  This is super fitting with the theme of these lip creams, as each one is named after a city in the world which I think is adorable.  The range has such diversity, ranging from bubble-gum pinks to blood reds/purples, but also has a huge variety of nudes so there is a shade for everyone.

However, the good words about these lip creams slowly come to a halt here.  Although the tubes are handy being smaller, they have far less product which makes it harder to achieve a full lip coverage.  I could barely get two uses out of one of these lip creams, which gives off such a bad impression of what could have been a fantastic product.  Although they smell incredible and almost like coconut, they do not give good coverage and are nowhere near as pigmented as the other NYX ranges.  When Tina first used the colours shown above, she described the application as “alright, but messy” and would not pay the £6.00 price mark and that is where I would agree too.  It had such potential to be a great and fun range, with ‘a colour for every city’; however it failed to live up to expectation due to the poor application and pigmentation.  Such a shame!


TINA: 2/10



Lip Lingerie – £8 (


lip lingerie

Left to Right: ‘Embellishment’, ‘Bedtime Flirt’

OK so this one is the absolute STUFF!  I am COMPLETELY obsessed with this range.  Tina described this range as ‘on par with the Matte lipsticks.’  I have described them as ‘I can’t even.’  Although there isn’t much difference between the shades, the range lies in the neutral tones area, meaning that all the shades are timeless classics.  It’s such good value for money and I’m going to explain exactly why I think that!

It’s such a smooth application with zero mess and not only does it actually dry, but it dries nice.  There is no need to even top this up during a night out, which is super handy when your hands aren’t as steady!  You would pay a fortune to get lipsticks that can stay on for that long, but this one is EIGHT POUNDS!  It’s an absolute steal!  ‘Bedtime Flirt’ is such a gorgeous colour that suits any skin tone and is that sweet neutral pink that everyone needs in their collection.  The real game changer is ‘Embellishment’ – I’m just completely lost for words with this one.  I AM OBSESSED.  It’s my go to lipstick; the colour is so pigmented and so warm and does not crack my lips.


TINA: 9/10

SHANNON: 10/10


Matte Lipstick – £7 (


matte lipstick

Top to bottom: ‘Natural’, ‘Whipped Caviar’

What everyone has been waiting for, a moisturising matte lipstick! It is one of the best matte lipsticks I have come across, it does not dry your lips out which makes it a massive hit! As you can see there isn’t a great deal of difference between the two swatches, the colour is rather similar between the two, however ‘Whipped Caviar’ produces a darker take on the ‘Natural’ colour, adding more of a glamorous touch which is perfect for day and night.

It glides on like a treat, super pigmented and stays on; I don’t know what more you could ask for! Just like most lipsticks if you’re eating or drinking, it will rub off but only with consistent contact and with these neutral pinks when it does rub off it is so subtle no one will notice! Honestly, I would say the consistency is very much a dupe of MAC’s matte lipsticks, so if you’re looking for a cheaper version, this is the one!

TINA – 8/10

SHANNON – 7/10


Extra Creamy Makeup Round Lipstick – £4 (


xtra creamy

Left to Right: ‘Watermelon’, ‘Topaz’

I always believe quality is not defined by price but in this case, this definitely applies. Before I tried these on I was in LOVE, the colours are right up my street. I’m a sucker for a nice subtle glitter lipstick (I have a big love for MAC’s ‘Fabby’) and could not wait to try these on and as soon as I began to apply it, all my love for the product vanished. Although the application was smooth, it was a bit too smooth and I could not apply the product accurately and it ended up here there and everywhere! It did not feel nice on the lips and it would come off with a touch which is not what you want from a lipstick.

The colours are gorgeous, they are not available anymore but we were able to find some similar colours (i.e. B52 = Watermelon & Vitamin = Topaz). Still, I would not recommend buying this product, the colours are gorgeous and would be fab if they were of the Matte lipstick texture but this takes ‘extra creamy’ to another level. We were highly disappointed.


TINA – 2/10

SHANNON – 5/10


Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick – £7 (


liquid suede

Left to Right: ‘Tea & Cookies’, ‘Cherrie Skies’

If we compare this lipstick to the Matte one in terms of price, you are being robbed! This should be priced the same as the ‘Extra Creamy Makeup Round Lipstick’. It was extremely disappointing, it has some beautiful colours, in particular ‘Cherrie Skies’ is BEAUTIFUL, if only it was beautiful on the lips! It is easy to apply but before you have even finished you’ll have painted your teeth in the process. I wore this lipstick for a night out and I was constantly applying it and it smudged all over my face and my teeth, not what you want, the idea is to look as sober as possible!

Another flaw with this lipstick is that it never actually dries, hence how it ends up all over your teeth, I haven’t had this problem since I was 12 and used those free lipsticks you get with a magazine! We both agree the ‘Tea & Cookies’ shade is not a good look; it’s bright bubble-gum pink and makes you look like a Barbie doll. I would not consider wearing this again and save yourself the £7 and go and buy a ‘Cosmetics Metal Lip Cream’ or ‘Matte Lipstick’!


TINA – 0/10

SHANNON – 2/10

So this was our NYX lipstick haul review!  Some got great reviews, others not so much, but we hope it was a good read and has given an insight into the NYX range.  Some of the products we tried are excellent dupes for high end products, and everyone loves an affordable lippie!

Thanks for reading, and stay beautiful!

Shannon & Tina