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13220084_10154179576729089_1956379679_nHey there! I’m Shannon, one half of Infiniteaurora! I’m from a town near Manchester, and i’ve finished university at Sheffield Hallam with a degree in History!  For me, the inspiration for this blog is Angela Lanter; her blog and Youtube videos on make-up, hair, monthly favourites and more really motivated me to write about the things I am up to and love!  If you haven’t seen her blog, check it outat http://www.angelalanter.com or hit up her Youtube channel!

Here are some of my interests, many of which will make an appearance:

  • Sport – I’m a netball and horse riding fanatic, and a massive Manchester United and Denver Broncos fan
  • Make-up/cosmetics in general – me likey make up, so expect a review or two!
  • Travel- I love traveling and I have been lucky enough to visit some beautiful places, so there will be pictures and recommendations on where to go!
  • TV- *cough* Gossip Girl *cough* (you know you love me)
  • Food – I loooooove me some food, but I love playing around with new smoothie recipes and healthy eating, so expect some interesting concoctions!
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IMG_7108I’m the other half of infiniteaurora, I’m Tina (or Christina), I live in a village in Nottingham and currently in my second year at Nottingham Trent University studying Psychology & Sociology! 🙂 I have followed many vloggers/bloggers over the years and throughly enjoy finding out what others have been up to, seeing what products people recommend, what places they go to visit and their general life!

Some of my interests include (which will obvs overlap cause we’re besties):

  • Being a shopaholic –  Clothing will be a big feature from me, usually all low-
    priced and from online stores/high street stores such as New Look and Boohoo
  • Make-up – we both love a good bit of make-up, we have a wide range of different brands and products
  • TV shows – love so many different series’, some popular and some unpopular!
  • Food – I’m a pescatarian and have been for 8 years, I’m not one for making fancy dishes but I can give some good reviews on veggie products 😉
  • Animals – I am literally in love with all animals (okay, goats maybe not so much…), I have a border collie, a mini lop rabbit and two american guineas (who should really have their own comedy show) and I’ll be sure to post a few cute piccies!
  • My Twitter & Instagram


If you would like to know more/want us to review products or try something new, let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to check it out.

Shannon & Tina