The Journey of our Friendship: A Summary

First blog post – yay!

This first post is about the journey of our friendship; where it started, how it’s grown and why it is never going to fade.  It also adds a bit of background and lets you readers know more about us!

Our friendship journey began at the start of our university lives.  From the first conversation as new roomies, although nervous, we knew instantly that we would become the best of friends (well, bestest baes as we call ourselves!)  From a pretty manic freshers week and instant freshers flu, to our weekly orders from Diddy Cool dessert takeaway (seriously, their waffles were just…oh my), we instantly started our new traditions.  We even ordered Diddy Cool the night before one of our exams just to calm our nerves down, and that is most certainly did!  Yummy brownies and ice cream cookie sandwiches were always the answer!  As we progressed into second year, we moved into a student house, where our Tuesday night tradition was ALWAYS watching Geordie Shore.  If one watched it without the other, well… it was not pretty, let’s just leave it there.

[Shannon] The hardest part of our friendship was when Tina left Sheffield to transfer to Nottingham Trent University. All I could think was ‘I’ve lost my best friend; this cannot be happening.  She is my partner in crime!’  But I knew it made Tina happy, so that instantly made me happy.  Despite me thinking initially the distance would cause us to drift, it has had the opposite effect.  Yes we see each other once a month, which is not enough cos we miss each other, but we are closer now more than ever.  We text every day, skype every fortnight or talk on the phone; we act like a couple!  When we see each other, we ALWAYS go out for pizza and a night out, and more recently we now have an unhealthy obsession with granola and yoghurt.  I know it has been around since the dawn of time or whatever, but it seriously is AMAZING.   It is incredible how we have not let the distance faze us and we still get to share the same experiences that we would have at the same university with each other at different universities.

[Tina] Throughout my life I have always wanted someone who I can tell everything and anything to and not have to worry about what they think or whether they will judge me. When our friendship began to blossom, I realised Shannon was the best friend that I had always wanted. Finding a friendship like this is one in a million and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

The main point of this blog was to give you an insight into our friendship, and to show how location and distance will never cause relationships to fade. Who knew that two girls from different parts of the country, living next door to each other, in a bug infested flat, would get so close? If you want it to work, then it works!  Our friendship is an example of that.  Friendship to us is so important and we know now that we have kept it so strong so far, that here we have a friendship for life.





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